Institute for Research and Publishing

About the Programme: 

The Institute’s primary mandate will be to build working class organisations and those of the broader ‘subaltern’ classes through research, education and publishing that is located within theoretical and philosophical traditions inspired by an egalitarian world view.

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Current activities: Black History Month, February 2010

Jozi Book Fair 2014



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Jozi Book Fair

Jozi Book Fair is aimed at publishing houses committed to a social justice agenda and who feature contemporary and cutting-edge writing internationally and regionally. The fair is organised by Khanya College to offer small and progressive publishers a forum to showcase their publications and activities, network, as well as the opportunity to develop alternative approaches and strategies.

There has been a steady decline of progressive and alternative publishers in South Africa and internationally. While a vibrant generation of young and emerging writers, activists and publishers is profiled by international literary and poetry prizes, and more cutting-edge publishing projects, their work is hardly recognised by a wider audience in the region today. Jozi Book Fair is a response to the urgent need to rebuild a progressive publishing network on the continent.


Objectives of the Project are to:

  1. Promote publishers with a social justice agenda
  2. Support indigenous language writing and publishing
  3. Introduce marginalised writers to a wider audience.
  4. Build a reading culture wider than that of just mainstream publications


  • Book stalls
  • Book launches
  • Readings
  • Panel discussions & debates
  • Network meetings of independent publishers


For more information please contact:

Thobile Disemelo
Phone: 011-336 9190 (ext 121)
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Over the years Khanya College has conducted research and published on an on and off basis. Khanya is not able to do justice to research work that it has undertaken. The research shows all the hallmarks of hasty work and an inability to pay proper methodological attention to research. Our publishing efforts have also shown these limitations, as we do not have time to develop editing standards, layout standards, and other aspects of the publishing trade like distribution. The launch of the Institute is an attempt to address these weaknesses and to move the research and publication work of the College onto a qualitatively higher level.



  1. Drafting a Manifesto for the Research Institute
  2. A review of the present state of research in South Africa
  3. The development of a research programme for the Institute
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The effectiveness with which new and alternative perspectives to the present unjust international social system are disseminated depends on the creation of an infrastructure of publishing. This infrastructure must ensure that these various media forms get to their intended audiences. The Khanya Publishing project has been set up as first steps towards the creation of a multi-media publishing house located within the Khanya Institute for Research, Education and Publishing.


The objectives of the Project are to:

  1. Revitalise theoretical approaches to social analysis that form an important inheritance of egalitarian social movements all over the world
  2. Develop new theoretical approaches to better understand new developments in the world today
  3. Build a layer of activist cadre that is dedicated to democracy and egalitarian social change
  4. Build a culture of reading and critical debate among the emerging layer of activists, and in society more broadly
  5. Develop the capacity of activists to engage in critical social analysis and debate
  6. Create spaces for activists to publish, and have access to the work of other activists
  7. Provide a vehicle for activists to access debates on democracy and social change taking place among activists in other parts of the world.


  • Host an annual meeting of non-profit orientated publishers
  • Work with other non-profit publishers to create a national, regional and international distribution infrastructure
  • Publish books and other media on issues and challenges facing the social justice movement
  • Set up a printing company


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