Karibu Newsletter

KARIBU! newsletter is a publication of Khanya's campaign against xenophobia. It aims at strengthening and reinforcing a discourse against xenophobia in South Africa, sharing knowledge and experiences of anti-xenophobia work and to explore further approaches of organising and mobilising social justice activists.

KARIBU! is committed to put into practice the aims and objectives of Khanya's anti-xenophobia campaign:

  • Enabling a change in attitude towards foreign nationals among the South African population in the interests of peace and justice;
  • General awareness raising: Promoting tolerance and thereby sustaining the gains of the democratic transition;
  • Promoting regional solidarity, cultural diversity and cultural tolerance;
  • Building links and solidarity between South African communities and immigrant communities;
  • Building a network of organisations working on immigration issues;
  • Enabling local immigrant organizations to take up issues affecting immigrant communities through mobilization and advocacy;and
  • Providing for institutional support to immigrant organisations.

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